Cobx Masters 2019: India’s largest multi-title International Tournament starts Feb 26

Source: Deccan Chronicle


Cobx Gaming, announces Cobx Masters, India’s Largest Multi-title International Esports Tournament to be held from 5th April to 7th April, 2019 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai. This is the second leg of the Cobx Masters announced earlier last year, the Phase I of which was successfully conducted during the summer of 2018 across 10 cities in India.

The tournament will have a massive prize pool of approximately Rs 1,40,00,000 ($200,000) which has been increased since its first announcement and will be split equally across two titles; Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The structure of the tournament is given below.

For each title, the tournament will have 6 teams participating in the main event. Out of these 6 teams, 2 will be invited international teams, 2 will be seeded from SEA Qualifiers and 2 from India Qualifiers.

-2 invited international teams

-2 teams from SEA Qualifier

-2 Open Qualifiers in SEA

Single elimination BO1 matches

-Top two move to the Closed Qualifier

-Closed Qualifiers in SEA

4 invited teams and 4 teams from the Open Qualifiers divided into 2 groups

-Single round robin

-Winner of each group move to the Main Event

-2 teams from India Qualifier

-Closed Qualifier in India

-20 teams from Cobx Masters Phase I winners and runner-ups

-Single elimination BO1 matches

-Winner moves to the Main Event

-Open Qualifier in India

Single elimination BO1 matches

-Winner moves to the Main Event

The structure will be the same for Dota 2 and CS:GO. The dates for the qualifiers are given below.

-Dota 2 SEA Open Qualifiers: 26th Feb – 27th Feb

-Dota 2 SEA Closed Qualifiers: 28th Feb – 1st Mar

-CS:GO SEA Open Qualifiers: 26th Feb – 27th Feb

-CS:GO SEA Closed Qualifiers: 2nd Mar – 3rd Mar

-Dota 2 India Closed Qualifiers: 4th Mar – 7th Mar

-Dota 2 India Open Qualifiers: 8th Mar – 10th Mar

-CS:GO India Closed Qualifiers: 11th Mar – 14th Mar

-CS:GO India Open Qualifiers: 15th Mar – 17th Mar

The prize pool is split among the top 4 teams at the Main Event. The prize pool split per title is given below:

1st – Rs 42,00,000 ($60,000),

2nd – ~Rs 14,00,000 ($20,000),

3rd – ~Rs 7,00,000 ($10,000),

4th – ~Rs 7,00,000 ($10,000).

Cobx Gaming is an esports company based out of Mumbai, India. Founded in 2017, Cobx’s vision is to propel passionate gamers to the next level by championing esports in Asia and the world. Cobx is glad to invest and serve as a catalyst to the global esports industry.