COBX Announces INR 10 Lakh Dota2 and CS GO Online Championship COBX Indian Esports Championship

Mumbai, April 8th, 2017: COBX Gaming announces the launch of the COBX Indian Esports Championship. The tournament will feature two game titles – DOTA2 and Counter Strike : Global Offensive (CS:GO) and will be played entirely online.

The tournament will feature two prominent phases as follows:

Phase 1 – Open Qualifiers – 28th to 30th April, 2017 : Teams will compete online in a single elimination bracket. Each match will be a best of one (BO1). The top eight teams will progress to the playoffs.

Phase 2 – Playoffs – 1st May, 2017 onwards: The top eight teams from phase 1 will compete in a double elimination bracket. Each match will be a best of three (BO3).

The total prize pool for the event is INR 10,00,000/- (Rupees Ten Lakh) with INR 5,00,000/- (Rupees Five Lakh) being allocated to DOTA2 and CS:GO each. Prize money will be awarded to the top eight teams in each discipline.

All matches will be broadcast live on COBX Gaming’s YouTube Channel.

Registrations are free and will remain open till 25th April, 2017. A maximum of 256 teams can participate in each game.

Participants can register for free at

Knowledge partner: AFK Gaming.

About COBX : COBX’s vision is to propel passionate gamers to the next level by championing esports in Asia and the world. The company is headed by Mr. Sandip Gupta and Mr. Rajdip Gupta, founder and co-founder of Route Mobile Ltd. respectively. Mojo has been appointed as the CEO to lead the project.

COBX is glad to invest and serve as a catalyst to the global esports industry.